Monday, August 28, 2006

A Virtue I Lack at Times

I think God is trying to teach Michael and I patience. We both tend to be impatient by nature in many areas of life.

We thought we were moving into the house last Friday, which would have been great to have the whole weekend to move in, unpack, etc. Well, paperwork delays and such caused the date to be moved to Monday (today). We went out to the coast this weekend to get all of our stuff out of storage. Now it's all packed up in a trailer, truck, and one of our cars sitting on the front driveway. Today we heard that some paperwork got messed up and it probably won't be until tomorrow that we can move in, assuming nothing else goes wrong.

At first we were really frustrated. Michael had spent a couple hours cleaning at the house we've been staying at, getting it all ready so we can leave. The sheets are even ripped off the bed. But we both cooled down and vented in our own way, and we are feeling much better about it. We played some Mario Party Beach Volleyball, and it only took 6 or 7 games before we finally beat Mario and Luigi.

I think we are just so excited to be in a house that we are really antsy to get in. That and we've been sort of putting the whole "job hunt" on hold until we got into the house, and this just pushes that back even further. But we're OK. It's only a few more hours, really. I am learning that I can't control this situation and I have to just deal with it and realize there's nothing I can do to change the facts.

I can only control how I respond: with or without patience.

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