Thursday, August 31, 2006


Our furniture delivery truck arrived yesterday! (AKA my parents).

They gave us a matching (applause goes here) set of couches. We are officially moving up in the world, from bright orange, mismatched-bachelor-style furniture to something that actually matches. We are very thankful for all the ways God has been providing for us lately. This furniture for one, finding good deals at garage sales, and friends that were a blessing by allowing us to live with them for the last week and a half.

And the latest way God has taken care of us: Yesterday I found out I got a scholarship for school that I wasn't expecting, so they wrote me a refund check in that amount. That was a HUGE blessing considering all the ways that going to school and moving into a new house costs money.

Because of all this I have every confidence that God will also provide Michael a His own timing.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We're in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the call about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and spent the next 9 hours (Yes, until 1 AM) driving around picking up our stuff unloading boxes into the car and then into the house. We had to drive from Salem to North Keizer, back to the house, to South Salem, back to the house, then Michael had to drive to Newberg and back. It's nice to have all that done.

We are excited! I am feeling a little overwhelmed because I really want to be unpacking, cleaning and organizing, but I also have to force myself to stop so I can get homework done. I am glad it's the beginning of the school year so I'm not quite as overwhelmed with homework.

Besides moving, yesterday I went to my student teaching placement site. It got me really excited about observing, teaching, and just being in the school environment.

Last night Michael and I both felt this big's a relief to just be in the house.

Next step...Michael finding a job...

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Virtue I Lack at Times

I think God is trying to teach Michael and I patience. We both tend to be impatient by nature in many areas of life.

We thought we were moving into the house last Friday, which would have been great to have the whole weekend to move in, unpack, etc. Well, paperwork delays and such caused the date to be moved to Monday (today). We went out to the coast this weekend to get all of our stuff out of storage. Now it's all packed up in a trailer, truck, and one of our cars sitting on the front driveway. Today we heard that some paperwork got messed up and it probably won't be until tomorrow that we can move in, assuming nothing else goes wrong.

At first we were really frustrated. Michael had spent a couple hours cleaning at the house we've been staying at, getting it all ready so we can leave. The sheets are even ripped off the bed. But we both cooled down and vented in our own way, and we are feeling much better about it. We played some Mario Party Beach Volleyball, and it only took 6 or 7 games before we finally beat Mario and Luigi.

I think we are just so excited to be in a house that we are really antsy to get in. That and we've been sort of putting the whole "job hunt" on hold until we got into the house, and this just pushes that back even further. But we're OK. It's only a few more hours, really. I am learning that I can't control this situation and I have to just deal with it and realize there's nothing I can do to change the facts.

I can only control how I respond: with or without patience.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Man's Junk...

Yesterday after I was done with classes Michael and I headed out to West Salem High School where I will be doing my student teaching this year. I am definitely not ready to be in front of a bunch of high schoolers! AGHHHHHHHH!!! But I think that will come with time.

Anyway- Afterwards we decided to check out a "couple" garage sales in the area.......5 HOURS later we pulled into the driveway of our friends' house where we are staying, with the back of our Subaru full of stuff! It's true what they say, "one man's junk is another man's treasure." Boy did we find some good deals! We couldn't stop! But, we feel really good about everything we bought, it's not just "junk." We finally had decided to head home, but every time we saw a Yard Sale or Garage Sale or Estate Sale sign, we automatically turned down that road.

This morning we woke up and had to run some errands. We had decided we wouldn't go to any more sales. We didn't even make it a full block, and we stopped at the Moving Sale around the corner!! We came home today once again with a full car. Not to mention we have to go pick up a few things on Monday.

We mostly bought stuff for our new house, that we will be moving into on Monday (hopefully)!!

Here's a list of SOME of what we bought:
-Solid Dining Room table with chairs
-2 stools for our kitchen counter
-A bread maker with makings for bread
-A vintage surfboard (This is that one item that maybe didn't fit with the house theme)
-2 History novels by Stephen Ambrose
-3 Rugs
-A Jewelry Box
-Pottery Bowl
-Queen Bed Frame
-Wicker Chest
-Wooden Salad Bowl

I think Michael and I have entered the world of Garage Sales. We're definitely not as hard core as the people that were out this morning before the sales even started...waiting in front of the closed garages. We'll leave those early morning tactics to the experts.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Bubble Has Been Popped

My first week of Grad school is almost over. It's been a tiny bit of a culture shock. I've realized I've been in a little Christian "bubble" for the past 5 years: 4 years at George Fox, with the 3 summers in between at a Christian Camp. All last year I worked at a camp, and then...BAM!!!...Back to the real world! I feel a little immune to something as simple as's weird to hear people dropping swear words left and right, even Professors! I am used to my Professors praying before class, not encouraging us to get together with our peers "over a beer."

But I am glad I am at this school. Last summer was the first time in a long time I wasn't in a Christian work or school environment. I found myself feeling more hungry for spiritual food and found myself being more intentional in my daily life. I've noticed when I'm in the Christian "bubble" I am not as intentional.

And, I figure if I get a job in a public school, I need to get used to it now. That is going to be my "ministry": Students, co-teachers, and school staff.

Someone asked me the other day why I'm not attending GFU's MAT program. Well, a huge reason I'm at Willamette is because it fit my summer commitment. Most MAT programs start in June and this one started in August. But honestly, I think I would have wanted to come here regardless. I wanted a more "well-rounded" educational experience, and as I said before, there is plenty of opportunity for ministry right where I'm at.

I think it's going to be a really good year.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Bye Camp, Hello School

I haven't posted anything in a while, for many reasons, one of them being I couldn't remember my password or Username to sign in to my blog. After exhausting every possibility I finally remembered it. Did I mention I have a TERRIBLE memory? And I want to be a history teacher!

ANYWAY- I'm welcoming myself back to the blog world. Michael and I just pulled into Salem, Oregon. We are officially done working at Twin Rocks and I start school...TOMORROW! I'm excited for Grad school, but a little nervous as well.

Goodbyes are always difficult for me. Yesterday we said good-bye to the 16 college summer staff that were at the camp all summer. They are such a special group and I'm still realizing just how much I'm going to miss them, especially the girls. This was the first time I've ever been in that type of designated "mentor and leader" position. I had a hard time with it at the beginning of the summer, but by the end I loved it. Those 9 summer staff girls are so special to me, and hold a very dear place in my heart.

Driving to Salem I was listening to the summer staff CD that Joe and Stephanie (my Supervisor and his wife) made for all the summer staff. They found a song for each person that spoke about who they are or what their summer was about. I found myself crying as I listened, especially to the two songs about coming down from the Mountain High and holding on to those lessons as we journey to the next phase in life. I was reminded that I'm leaving a mountain and starting a new journey in Salem.

Again, this was a very special group of college students and I miss them already. Differently then when I was actually on summer staff, because I invested so much into these 16 and saw their ups and downs of the summer in a different light, as their supervisor AND as their friend.

After many tearful goodbyes, Michael and I began the task of packing up our own apartment to prepare for our move. This morning I woke up and had to write a paper to turn in on my first day of school tomorrow, finished packing, and drove into town.

It's a quick transition, but we are excited and ready. I'm still thinking about and praying for my friends who left yesterday, some heading to their home as far as North Ireland. :)

God, help me to walk down this mountain with my heart held high, to follow your footsteps, and to offer up my broken cup, full of all the fears, joy, sadness, and excitement that I'm feeling right now, as Michael and I begin this next big step in our lives.