Friday, February 01, 2008

Age is how you feel, right?

The other night I was hanging out with two other wives while Michael and the two husbands did homework. Somehow we started talking about age. I know that Heidi graduated a year after me, and Emily graduated a year before me. At some point I made a comment about being 24, and Heidi told me I am actually 25, which of course I had to disagree with. And Em said she was 24 also, about to turn 25. Then we realized that doesn't make sense, and we kept talking back and forth, trying to figure out our ages. I actually had to pull out a piece of paper and do the math:


Em and I were both born in 1982, so we realized that we had to be 25, and that she will turn 26 soon (in 2008). I wasn't convinced until I remembered Michael had his golden birthday last year (24 on the 24th), and I realized if he is going to be 25 soon then I just turned 25.

Someone just asked me at work how old I am and I told them I just turned 24.

I guess this means I'm getting old, when I have no idea how old I am anymore.


Amy said...

Too funny!

I actually start telling people I'm a year older a couple months before my birthday (so now I tell people I'm 29). That makes me pretty confused sometimes as well.

And I kept wondering why you counted from 2007 when it's 2008! Whoops! :)

Mrs. Chappy said...

Because my last birthday was in 2007!! If I counted from 2008 it would be how old I turn in December of this year. Actually, I usually start telling people I'm older too, and I think I did for a while, but I still got confused. :)