Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to Blogging

I'm back to my own blog. It's my space to process and write separately from what we experience as a couple, and this week I'm thinking a lot about trusting the Lord for our/my future.

I'm feeling slightly discouraged about all the job applications I've submitted. I've applied to more than 12 social studies positions here in Colorado Springs, and a few of the positions have been filled already. I've had one interview (which ended up being over the phone because we were still in Oregon), and had expected more by now.

So, I'm trying to be patient and put this all in perspective. In some ways I'm sitting better than a lot of people in this economy right now. At the least, if I don't get hired for the school year, I can work as a substitute. At the same time, I've been getting my hopes up a lot about the idea of having my own classroom and getting to teach, so I'd be majorly disappointed to end up subbing again. Maybe the Lord has different plans that I can't see or understand right now. Apparently I have yet to master the art of patience.

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Krista said...

Good luck with that. I forgot how many interviews I had and didn't get any call backs. Then when I was in the high school position (which I wasn't qualified for) they loved me and wished they could hire me. So frustrating!
I hope you get a chance to enjoy your summer though, don't stress out too much!
Love ya!