Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I had some big deadlines at work. I normally go home by around 12:30, but I decided to push through and work, and ended up working until 3:00 without a lunch break! I felt a huge sense of accomplishment at getting my work done, and was complimented by some co-workers on my speed and efficiency on some of my recent projects. It feels good to take pride in what I'm doing, even if it's not my first choice in jobs at the moment. I'm thankful for a job, and one where I can feel useful and use my talents to help others.

I got home from work, ate lunch, and felt zapped of energy. I was going to go do my errands on my list today, but felt too tired. Instead, I opted to stay home and work on some of the home list.

Today's To-Do List Accomplishments:

-Take garage opener to be fixed, for the 5th time. I forgot to add this to the original list. This has been a perpetual problem. Our garage door opens randomly and we often go out in the morning to find it had been open all night. Apparently our door can also be opened by someone else's opener. Hopefully 5th time is a charm.

-Read and journaled.

-Fixed our two art pieces in the living room. When Michael was gone two weeks ago, I found these frames for an amazing deal, (I got them both for less than $15, which is a steal for frames, especially this size) and put them together before he got home. We bought the canvases in Rwanda, and knew we wanted to frame them and have them be our main living room art.

-Ordered my contacts. I've been putting this off for weeks. I just put off little things like this because I don't feel like it at the time, and it just makes life more hectic later.

-Began the application process for my California Teaching License. I had looked a month or two ago, and was overwhelmed with the thought of applying for a 4th license (I have one for OR, PA, and applied to CO in June). Tonight I feel much better about the prospects. It looks like they will take all my tests and credentials, so it's mostly a matter of filling out paperwork, paying some hefty fees, and getting my fingerprints done. Then, it will be waiting for months. One nice thing about California's website is they list the applications they are working on processing by the date they were received. Currently? They are working on applications from July. Which means even after my paperwork is in, it will be months before I see a license. Good thing I'm starting early.

Things I didn't accomplish today:

-Working out. But I'm okay with that. I sense a cold coming on, and I'm trying not to push myself too hard.