Monday, April 17, 2006

The Easter Bunny

So yesterday was Easter. We didn't have any big plans so it mostly felt like a normal Sunday. Except of course the fact that we actually got up for church before 7 am and were at church at 8 instead of 10. For most of the day I was kind of bummed, no Easter basket or Cadbury Eggs, no Starbust Jelly Beans, no deviled eggs or ham for dinner. (I realize this is not at all what Easter is about, but I still noticed the lack of them on Easter.) It was kind of weird.

We went out to lunch with Nick and Lindsey and then watched like eleven episodes of 24. We couldn't help it!! It was season 2 and it was intense! We just had to finish it. We are addicts, what can I say? At least season 2 took a whole week for us to finish. Season 1 took us 2 days and we stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish.

We did go play a few rounds of mini golf here at the camp. Michael was outside our apartment whittling our candles we made at Staff Family Fun Beach Day from last Thursday and he saw two rabbits. He came and got me and we watched them for a few minutes. We tried to take a picture but they hopped away. They came back again about twenty minutes later and we got some pics. They were so cute! I think we are going to adopt them because they live right in front of our apartment.

If nothing else, at least we saw the Easter bunny and its mate on Easter. :)

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Amy said...

Welcome to the Chapman family. I don't think we got an Easter basket ever growing up. But, we did always have ham- the camp should have made some...

Oh, wait, I did get an easter basket one year. Nick and Michael were in Mexico on my birthday and my present was an on sale easter basket from a gas station in Cali. Oh the love.