Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our new plan

Michael and I have been working on our budget. We decided to try a new system. Recently after our last payday we took out cash for each of our budgeted areas. Michael made labeled envelopes with each respective area, such as "groceries." We have been working hard not to use our debit card and just use our cash we budgeted.

So, tonight we went grocery shopping with an X amount of money we could and would spend. We are usually good about money but always find a few extra things that we end up buying. So tonight we had our list, and our X amount of money, and we bartered with each other and talked through what we thought were the most important items. We are also trying to eat healthier and were able to buy some organic and more natural products. When we got to the checkout, we had estimated only 1 or 2 dollars over, which we felt GREAT about. The total? We had one dollar in change!!! We were very proud of ourselves for being right on budget and for being healthy!

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Dynamic Duo said...

the envelope system.....mmm... i like it.
We may need to follow suit