Tuesday, March 06, 2007

On a Positive Note...

I thought I'd add that one of the really enjoyable parts of my days lately has been Coaching Track. I am really enjoying getting to know a group of kids in a different environment than the classroom. Somehow it is helping me feel more confident around school, and that carries over into the classroom. It helps that I'm having more fun and feeling more relaxed in the classroom and at track.

A lot more of my students are saying hi to me every time they see me (I think Cranium had to do with this!) and I can't help but feel a sense of belonging when every where I go I hear a "Hey Coach," or "hi coach Chapman," or "Hi Mrs Chapman."

That reminds me of something funny the lady who works in the front office told me today. I have noticed that there are some students who don't quite know my name. Yes, it's been almost 6 weeks and I've learned over 100 names, but they can't learn one! (I don't know what the implications are to that...)

Anyway, the other day a couple students started calling me "Chipple," which is a combination of my name and my supervising teacher's name (Whipple).

Then, the lady in the office told me today that she's been hearing some funny comments as students give her homework and make-up assignments to put in my box. One student asked for Mrs. Whipple, (you know, Mr. Whipple's wife, obviously!). Another asked for Mrs. Riley (The permanent sub for Whipple is named Mr. Riley).

Oh Kids...Too funny.

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Michael said...

You're funny. I wish I could see you sometime to be able hear those stories in person.

Maybe I'll see you next week.

-your husband