Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Students

I thought I would post a few more excerpts from student letters from today. Of course, to me these are more meaningful especially considering the story of the individual student. A few of these made me cry as I read them, knowing the student's full story:

You are a nice teacher and there's not many teachers like that.

I usually don't like history but you made it fun.

You are good teacher and you actually seem like you care.

Some teachers are intimidating, but not you! Mr. V is one of my favorite teachers, and when I found out he was having a student teacher this period, I was sad and upset. But on the first day, I changed my mind. I was glad you were my teacher. You have become one of my favorite teachers.

I actually learned something in this class even though my grade doesn't show it...Thanks for the experience and trying to help me get my grade up an I appreciate it and also you have been the coolest teacher at high school I've ever had, more than California and in Oregon, so thanks for that Mrs. Chapman.

You're a good teacher and you're easy to talk to and you keep your word.

I think you really helped me a lot in a subject I'm not too good in.

You were my hottest teacher and was a plus to even come to class...I hope I have another cute teacher like you.

I thought I'd include the last one for a chuckle!

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