Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today is the high school graduation, and I had 8 students who had to take the final this week, either seniors or juniors graduating early.

For part of the final I wrote a letter to my students asking them to write me back, telling me what they thought of the semester, and to give me any advice or other feedback.

It's been fun to read the letters, and I'm really excited to read all the rest next week during Finals week.

One student wrote that I am one of her two favorite teachers of all time. This same student also wrote that she remembers the first day of the semester when my "voice was shaking" and I was "playing with" my hands a lot, and that now I'm very confident and has loved my class. I wrote in her yearbook, and she emailed me and said it made her cry!

Another told me that I shouldn't change a thing in my class, that she loved everything about it, and learned more in this history class than any other class she's ever taken.

Another student said that normally she takes the final and stares blankly not knowing anything, and she took it and realized she had learned a lot this semester!

All my students wrote that they loved the projects I assigned and just really enjoyed the variety this semester.

All of these comments were rewarding to read and made me excited about continuing to teach. I will post more comments next week after Finals. Only one week to go!

Today I officially applied for my license, so I should receive it within a week or two.

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Bevy said...

Hello daughter-in-law: we knew that you could do it. You are going to be an awesome teacher just as you are an awesome daughter-in-law. We will be praying with you as you begin the teaching job hunt. We love you!

--Mom and Dad Chapman