Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Letters from WW2

One week until we leave.

Today Michael and I had lunch with his great Uncle Harold and Aunt Betty. Harold was in the army during WW2 and had a whole bunch (70) of letters he had written home during the war. I borrowed them and sat at Chapters all afternoon and read through them all. Fascinating! He kept saying that they were nothing, but to me, there was a lot of rich history and so many stories.

Tomorrow morning early we find out if we got the apartment we applied for. We are hoping and praying, as I learn to be patient.

On another note, Michael's sister and I went to the brand new Ikea that opened in Portland yesterday. I had never been to one and needless to say I am sold! I always assumed they were expensive but was really pleased with the prices, and all the stuff they had. I wasn't sure if there was one in Philly, but Amy emailed me today to tell me she found 3! One is 10 minutes from Michael's college. I can't wait to shop for our new apartment, especially at Ikea.

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