Wednesday, August 01, 2007

God does have a sense of Humor

We spent the day continuing to pack. We are getting worried about fitting everything into our small traveling space. I have a feeling Monday will be a lot of packing, re-packing, un-packing, etc.

We got a call today from the apartment complex. They hadn't finished looking at everything, but they thought it looked good. They will be calling us tomorrow morning. My phone rang at 6:30 AM, (9:30 in PA). I knew it would be ringing early because the girl we've been working with on this apartment had a meeting at 10 and said she'd call before that. When I got back into bed after taking her call, I thought to myself, "God has a sense of humor." Here I am praying for patience, and what happens? God gives me another "opportunity" to have patience: I have to wait another 24 hours!

Tonight we had a Good-bye Potluck/Picnic at a local park. It was fun to have friends and family from around come say goodbye. One set of very close friends who we went to Fox with, and lived with in Alaska, and are just very, very close to, came, and it was the last time we'll see them. They have a little boy who just turned one, and they refer to Michael and I as Uncle and Aunt. And, his little brother should be born in a month (I had planned on videotaping the birth if we weren't moving). I am TERRIBLE when it comes to goodbyes, I ball my eyes out, and needless to say this was no exception. Throughout the last couple months, every time we'd start to talk about leaving my friend and I would both tear up, and we'd have to quickly change the subject. So, it was a sad moment. Sad, yet exciting, knowing that each Goodbye is one step closer to our next adventure.

The hardest part is not knowing how long we will be gone. We have a lot of connections in the Northwest, and that is the hardest part of leaving, but maybe it helps us at the same time to know how much support we are receiving.

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