Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oregon Here I Come!

I'm leaving tomorrow for Oregon! I'm really excited, except for the part where Michael has to stay here while I go hang out with all his family.

Today I was officially asked to nanny for a family for the summer. I interviewed over the weekend, and ended up watching the kids yesterday and today. And it's been so fun! The kids are super well-behaved, we do some schoolwork, crafts, play games, and we'll be going to a park nearby lots this summer, as well as the pool at the YMCA. There are three kids, two boys (10 and 8) and one girl (4). They are all fun ages for different reasons. I'm already thankful this has worked out this way because I feel like I enjoy myself much more with these kids (than with the other family I was possibly going to work for) and just have a lot more peace about the situation. And, the timing works out so great because I can start right when I get back from Oregon.

I need to go pack. One good thing about me traveling alone is I don't have to worry (as much as I would if Michael was coming) about having my apartment clean before I leave, as my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are so worried about (though I did try to stock the fridge and freezer with easy meals for my husband and our new roommate.)


Anonymous said...


Did the one guy from the program move in with you after all?

Krista said...

yeah, that's what I was going to say... roommate?

Have fun in Oregon! We were there last week, whirlwind trip, but good times!