Sunday, November 30, 2008

A black Black Friday

On Black Friday we dared to go out. Why? Well, we had been planning on buying a new camera for weeks and needed to be with my mom to use her Costco card. (We didn't even benefit from any extra Black Friday sale price.) Since we were home for Thanksgiving we went for it.

The positive part of the day was that for the first time there was virtually no pressure for us to buy anything. Both sides of our families are choosing not to exchange presents as a family, but to spend that money by giving it to someone in need, or to some good cause.

On the way into town we were listening to the local Christian radio station. They took a break from the music to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the radio. The DJ said that we must be thankful and give allegiance to "the greatest nation on God's green earth," or something to that effect. Michael and I exchanged perturbed glances. We both agree that too often blind patriotism is a little too closely presented alongside God's will. In other words, why do so many Christians believe that God only wants to bless America? But that's a little off topic.

Immediately following this recitation was the news, where they mentioned this story about a man who was trampled to death and a woman who miscarried at a Wal-mart in New York at the opening of Black Friday.

We should have turned around and headed home right then. We didn't, but I sure noticed the irony of the greed and horrific consumerism that is so opposite of anything Christ stands for, and is ingrained in the culture of "God's greatest nation."

My heart goes out to that Wal-mart worker's family. (There are some news reports that the miscarriage report is unfounded, though it was announced as news and fact on Friday).

May God have mercy on our American lust for "stuff."


Rick said...

Mrs. Chappy:

I love reading your blog, but not three times a day. I understand you have a number of different (and wonderful) things to write about, but that doesn't mean you have to share them with us all at the same time. There's this wonderful little feature under "post options" where you can program a blog's release date -- use it. That way, when you're too busy to write a post and the rest of us are yearning to hear from you, you've already got something up your sleeve. Thanks.

Mrs. Chappy said...

Mr. McNeal:

Thanks for the blogging advice. I know that since you are a professional blogger (as in you get paid to blog) I should take to heart everything you say. Maybe you should use your Google Reader and choose to simply read one of my blogs each day so that you can savor that yearning you have to hear my wonderful words.

You're Welcome.

Michael said...

Oh, and while we're handing out blog advice Rick...don't be so long-winded when you post. I know you like to hear yourself talk, but not all of us have such long attention spans. (Insert comeback about me NEVER writing here)

Rick said...

Mrs. Chappy:

Thank you for your kind words. It's a blessing to know your humble spirit heeds wise counsel. Regarding your own mis-guided and unprofessional (as in you DON'T get paid to blog) advice, thanks but no thanks.


My comebacks to insert. Take your pick.

["Bite me." How's that for long-winded?]

[Maybe if you ever tried writing on one of your THREE blogs, you'd understand.]

[I'll address your comment when you actually become a legit blogger.]

[I'm writing on my ONE blog; you can't even seem to write on your THREE. Can someone say "compensating"?]

Michael said...

Four comebacks? You still can't keep it short...

Rick said...

That's what she said.