Friday, January 19, 2007

Another quote

We mourn the victims of the World Trade Center attack. Their pictures cover subway walls. We mourn the firefighters, as well we should. But we are blind to those whom we and our allies in the Middle East have crushed or whose rights have been ignored for decades. They seem not to count.

-Another quote from the same book

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christi said...

Hey, just found your sight through Nicks sight. Good to read your thoughts! On the UN document that you noted on this blog entry with something to the effect of...'everyone has the right to leave his country, and to be able to re-enter his home country'...and how that applies to Mexicans entering the US. I don't think it implies that all countries who belong to the UN must accept anyone coming from another seems more like you can flee or leave your country and re-enter it if you need to/want to...just a thought. On our way to TX for Thanksgiving we went through El Paso, which is just separated from Mexico by 20 ft of river (Rio Grande). I'll tell you what - if I was born in Mexico there is no way that I would let 20 ft keep me from the US!!! Anyways, I hope your lesson goes great!! It sound like a great subject to research and know well!!