Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Car!

Michael and I have been looking for a second car for the past few weeks. School starts today, and once I begin my full-time student teaching we will both need our own cars.

We kept getting a lot of frustrating emails and calls that said, "sorry, it's already sold." At one point we were on the way to Portland, and were only a few minutes away, when the guy called us back to tell us the car had been sold. But, last night we found a car that we were determined to check out, and we did.

And we drove it home!

It's a 1997 white Jetta. I am so excited. It will be my car, and Michael will drive the Subaru that we own. The funny thing is that Michael's dream car has always been a Subaru, and I've always wanted a Jetta, and it just worked out that we having matching white cars.

God definitely answered our prayers as we were hoping to get a car before this weekend.

The other answer to prayer was that we had a strict budget for buying a car, and all our research paid off, because this car was less than the maximum amount we were willing to pay!

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