Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bad News and Good News

I got a phone call from PA this morning, but not from the apartment complex. (I'm still waiting to hear from them). It was the school that I was planning on interviewing with when we got to PA. The principal called to tell me they already filled all three of their social studies positions. I was pretty bummed. I cried a little, and then decided that that just means God has something else for me.


I just wrote that paragraph and then got a call from the apartment complex. They said everything looks good. All we have left to do is send a copy of Michael's financial aid (showing that he's taking out lots of loans) and that will be plenty to show our income verification. We have the spot reserved, and she called me and wanted to assure me that everything is set (she sensed my anxiousness and wanted to relieve my stress). As soon as Michael can send his financial letter she can send us all the information about our apartment.

This morning I had coffee with a very good friend from high school. We were talking about following God in obedience, and trusting God each step of the way, even when we can't see the whole picture. She said something about how God keeps us informed on a "need to know" basis, and I thought captured the idea well. God only reveals as much as He thinks we need to know, and then wants us to trust Him with the rest. So, I didn't get this job, but that's OK, because I trust that God will provide. Maybe it will be teaching, maybe I'll be working at Starbucks! Who knows? Only God does. And I am trusting this whole apartment hunt process as well.

Well, I am going to go try to pack our kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

So I was reading this blog and I started to tear up knowing who those friends are that you had to say goodbye to. I know too that this was just as hard for them as it was for the both of you. Be strong and in the Lord's timing and He will be faithful to give you the desires of your heart.

We will miss you---B&B