Friday, August 31, 2007

Betruccis Brick Oven Pizza

I got a job!

No, not a teaching job. I'm still waiting on that. But we had already decided that I would try to work an extra job in the evenings and on the weekend while I can.

So, I found an ad on craigslist for a serving job at a local restaurant. I emailed them and received a call first thing this morning. I went in and was hired within five minutes! So, I start orientation and training tomorrow. It's great because it is super close to us. I think it's the closest restaurant we live to, less than two blocks away.

Now, if only my teaching license would arrive...


Krista said...

And thanks to a link from your sis-in-law's blog I have now discovered an entire world of stay at home Christian mommy blogs. Even an online Bible study! Even though it's one more reason to be on the computer it feels more like a connection! One that I can do while Cory's napping and I can't go out and connect with people.
Alright, end randomness!

Anonymous said...

Cool website for the restaurant. Of course I went on their Google map link and it really is close! At least it will get you out of the house.

Dad (in-law)

Bevy said...

The place looks wonderful. When we go out to see you we will have to eat out there at least once. Keep the faith! Gregg Lamm is here this weekend and says hi to you and Michael.

Love you, Mrs. Chappy