Friday, April 18, 2008

More PA Politics

It's going to be 83 degrees today. I am so excited for the warmth and sunshine of spring/summer.

Today Hilary Clinton will be at Radnor High School, where I was substituting until two months ago, discussing the war in Iraq.

Tomorrow Barack Obama will be on a train passing right through our town. I kind of want to go to one of the rallies at one of his stops.

Being in Pennsylvania during this historic time has been very interesting. The local papers are filled with interviews, updates, and endless articles about both democratic presidential candidates. The debate on Wednesday night, at the Constitutional center, has so many talking about the upcoming vote on April 22.

I hope and pray that Tuesday will answer some questions for us all. As interested as I am in all this, I feel like it's starting to drag on, which I think may be helping John McCain.

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