Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On a lighter note...

I found this article today about an insurance company, Pemco, based in the northwest and thought it was hilarious. Below is an excerpt:

Even if you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably have some stereotypes about us lurking in your head. Well, here’s a dirty little secret -- for all our talk of individualism, all of your stereotypes about us are true.

We are a region of smug hybrid owners, recycling fanatics and recumbent bicycle commuters. We love to broadcast our beliefs via bumper stickers. Before we moved here we may have been more fashionable, but now we see nothing wrong with wearing socks with our sandals, preferably paired with those pants that can unzip to become a pair of shorts should the weather improve. If we want to get fancy, we might throw a fleece vest over the whole ensemble.

Our region is home to many long-haired, caffeine-addicted, socially challenged software geeks. Far too many Pacific Northwesterners are still sporting the bad hair and flannel shirts of the elsewhere long-forgotten grunge era. The only thing we love more than using our rain barrels and compost bins is boasting to our friends about them.

The regional insurance company Pemco Insurance knows all this, and it’s created a brilliant ad campaign around it. Using the tagline “We’re a lot like you,” Pemco manages to poke fun at residents of the Pacific Northwest without offending us. (Of course, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know most of us would be far too passive-aggressive to say anything even if we were offended).

I went to this website, that showed all the different personalities from the northwest. Each personality profile lists things like where they're spotted, what vehicle they drive, what they eat, etc. It was funny (I literally did laugh out loud) to see how true some of the stereotypes are about people from the northwest, especially while living on the east coast.

A few of my favorites:

Profile #15: Recumbent Bike Commuter (I had a professor who was one of these).
Profile #45: 50 Degrees Shirt's off guy (Sun's out. Shirt's off. It's that simple.)
Profile #56: Sandals and Socks guy
Profile #76: The Super-Long Coffee Orderer


MrsTroyers Blog said...

that is sad but true. :) I myself am an extremely long coffee orderer. How funny...thank goodness the northwest has great coffee, lots of greenery, beautiful beaches. :)

rod.brooks said...

Hi Mrs Chappy,

I hope you had a wonderful spring and summer. My name is Rod Brooks and I am the Chief Marketing Officer for PEMCO Insurance. I was looking for comments regarding our "were a lot like you" campaign today and found your posting from back in April. I just thought I'd say thank you for the nice mention and let you know that we have expanded the number of NW Profiles significantly since you made your post last April. I hope you will visit us again and get further acquainted with more of our NW Neighbors.

Best Regards

Northwest Marketing Guy