Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The countdown for OR begins...

I got home Sunday night from a visit to upstate New York, near Buffalo. My mom flew in from Oregon (she was born and raised in NY) and we got to visit with many friends and family. I also attended a family reunion and saw many great-aunts and uncles whom I haven't seen since I was very young, as well as cousins and grandparents. Because I grew up on the west coast it's not too often I get to see this side of my family, but have always felt a solid connection to many of them. I will post pictures soon, as we got to do some fun things, like visit Niagara Falls and go to an amusement park.

Tonight is my last night working at the restaurant! It's been almost a whole year since I started, and I'm glad to be done. We still have a couple weeks left here, since I am still nannying, but Michael is done with his classes at the school on Wednesday (he still has two online classes through December). The next few weeks will fly by as we continue to prepare to head back to Oregon, as well as get ready for an overseas internship. We will probably be in Oregon for a couple of months, which is a little longer than we orignally thought, and are working on the details of where to stay and what to do (work, raising support, etc.) while we are there.

Please pray that we can continue to discern where God is leading us and for how long.

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MrsTroyers Blog said...

Wow, you'll be in Oregon soon, thats great!!! :) Hopefully we will get to see you guys!