Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Washington DC trip

Yesterday we headed south for Washington D.C. It took less than three hours. We had a fun day, meeting with my uncle at USAID, as well as seeing a few of the sites. We only had a few short hours in the afternoon, so we didn't see a ton, partly because we spent over two hours in the Holocaust Museum. It was an intense experience, although Michael and I agreed that going to Dachau near Munich, Germany was even more intense. But I recommend this museum to anyone, especially if you've never had the chance to go to Europe.

The great thing about all the tourist sites in Washington D.C. is that everything is free. You need tickets, but it's pretty much all free. If we had wanted to, we could have spent just a couple dollars in advance to reserve tickets. It would be a great family vacation, the biggest cost would be getting there! And, it's educational!

US AID (Agency for International Development)

Stickin' it to The Man (IRS building)

World War II Memorial. This was new since I had been here in early high school.

Another view of the WWII memorial.

The whole monument is surrounded by pillars with the name of all the States and territories. (53 total) We found Oregon...

...and California right next door.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial

In front of the White House. I'm not looking at the camera because there was a huge flock of geese flying right over our heads and I was afraid they were going to leave a present on my head.

My Great-Uncle George. He works for USAID and the main reason we went to DC was to see him. He set up a few meetings with some people who are very familiar with the country we will most likely be going to in December.

Washington Monument

View from the top of the Washington Monument. This is the view onto the Lincoln Memorial.

View of the White House

When I was born my mom worked in DC on H Street, so I took this picture for her. Enjoy mom!

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