Friday, September 14, 2007

The blog world is quite the community.

After posting my last blog, I spent some time reading some other blogs, and I found myself connected to a blog of this amazing woman.

I decided to start reading from her first posting in July 2006 and read forward. She was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2006 and has posted updates throughout the last year.

I found myself crying at different points throughout the blog. She was not much older than me, having just turned 26, and having just had a baby less than two year ago. I have been thinking a lot about all the possible roads life can take us. Preparing for a baby has caused me to think about this a lot. There is no guarantee that anything will turn out how we would like it to. I could have a completely healthy baby, or I could have one with any kind of sickness or disease, or I could end up not having one at all. This can be so scary, and so awe-inspiring at the same time. (Awe-inspiring because I know God is sovereign in everything we go through).

And then there are all the things that could happen to me or my husband, or any other family member.

I am reminded to get on my knees in prayer and thank God that my family is healthy and safe...a blessing I often take for granted.

By the end of this blog-the last posting was two days ago-I was sobbing uncontrollably. What a legacy this woman has left for her child, her husband, and the hundreds of people who have read her blog.


LeAnne_Troyer said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys moved again. It's been amazing to here how your lives are changing..good to know you guys have a good group of friends.
We miss you both and can't wait for prego updates. God Bless

Neil and Kelsey Cantrall serving with FH in Peru said...

Hey Melissa, I just stumbled upon your blog and was so happy to find someone who actually keeps up at updating it!! It's awesome to see how the Lord has been providing for you two.

And by the way, I too felt the same about "being pregnant". It didn't really seem real to me until about 20 weeks into it when I could finally feel him kick.

Love you guys,
the Cantrall Family :)