Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ode to the Northwest Pastry

As we have been getting to know our new friends from Michael's program, and talking about similar likes and dislikes, we found out some terrible news this week.

Maple bars are no where to be found! We had NO IDEA that maple bars are only found in the Pacific Northwest. We spent ten minutes trying to explain to our new friends what a maple bar looks like, and better yet, tastes like, and they stared at us with blank expressions on their faces.

The best part is that this particular friend we've met, who is from New York, has an older brother who lives in our own hometown of Newberg, Oregon. (It really is a small world!) So, we called up his brother and wife on the phone to ask them if they knew what a maple bar was. We had convinced our friends that in Oregon, anyone and everyone knows what a maple bar is. And of course, they knew exactly what we were talking about.

The brother decided to do some detective work and found this website.

This is where I learned that there really are no maple bars near us. I had no idea that maple bars are "ubiquitous in Oregon and Washington, to be found at gas stations, grocery store bakeries, convenience stores, etc."

So, if anyone comes to visit us, we may have to request an order of maple bars to share with our East Coast friends.


Luke said...

What? I had maple bars in Kentucky. Why wouldn't they have them on the East Coast? We don't even produce maple here. Weird ... really weird! Not even at grocery stores?

Anonymous said...


I have a receipe for maple bars that has been used for years at the maple bar booth at Greenleaf Friends Academy's aution. They are always a big hit. Freshly made and warm. That's all Uncle Kenny eats at the aution!

Maybe you need to make some for your friends on the East coast. I'll send you the receipe if you want.

Aunt Devonne

Margie said...

Take a long weekend trip up to Canada (Toronto), go into any Tim Horton's and you'll get as many "maple" pastries as your arteries can take.

Krista said...

Oooo, I am really feeling for you. I'm craving a maple bar as I think about it... but I will resist, for your sake as well as the sake of my too big waistline (post-baby!)
Much luck in either making them yourself or going to Tim Horton's! ;)
Oh, I just had a thought, if you don't want to make them could you buy some plain iced donuts and make just the maple part? That might be easier!

Bevy said...

Melissa - No Krispy Kremes on the East Coast! or maybe they don't even make maple bars either. I would love to send you some but by the time they would reach you they might be a little hard, BUT that's what a microwave is for. Try making them. They are not that hard. Aunt Devo always has good recipe so her maple bar recipe should be good.

We got the house almost done. It is looking so nice. We will send pix when the carpet is in.