Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pictures from The Swell Season concert

Here are the pictures from the concert we went to last night. (See previous post).

In our seats.

The lighting made it hard to get a good picture, but this was our view.

Here we are getting their autographs.

Posing for a picture.


Sherry said...

This is SO COOL, I can hardly stand. Loved reading the whole story and then the pictures! We own "once" so I can watch it again and again. Could there been anything more endearing the the sight of her dragging that Hoover down the street? I'm so jealous of your experience. SO COOL!

And another word to yahoo blogging. If you post this story, how would we ever get to enjoy it or even know about it?

Isorski said...

I was also at the Portland show but didn't hang around to meet them - I should have!

I posted a review on my blog at Check it out.