Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tag! I'm it.

Denise tagged me, so I thought I'd reply, if only to spice up my blog.

5 things in my bag:
(I'm going with my school bag, which is more interesting than my purse)

1. Book of Jumbo Crossword Puzzles-I never know what I will be doing on a given day, so I always try to have these with me to escape complete boredom.

2. Book of Sudoku puzzles. (See Number 1)

3. God's Politics, by Jim Wallis. (Also see Number 1). I've been working on it for a while, and it's a great book, but I have to be in the right "mood" to read it.

4. Hot pink Nalgene from Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp (where Michael worked during college) with an Obama sticker I picked up while visiting Hope, PA.

5. My cell phone, with a picture of my niece, Isabelle, as my wallpaper.

5 Things in my Bedroom:

1. A mattress on the floor. We don't have a box spring because we couldn't fit one up our very narrow staircase. We planned on finding a split box spring, but 8 months later it still hasn't happened...

2. Bookshelves. We use these as dressers. They are much cheaper than dressers, and also serve as a night stand.

3. A chair and ottoman. Recently we discovered we can get Internet from one very specific corner of our bedroom when we put the ottoman in front of the window with an upside-down egg crate on top. This way the laptop is level with the window, and makes for excellent wi-fi signal. ( case you were wondering, yes, we're getting Internet from an unsuspecting neighbor. Not sure the moral implications there...)

4. A wall hanging from China. When we lived in Alaska for a summer our friends we were living with traveled to China and brought this back for us.

5. A quilt. My mom made us a quilt for our wedding, and it's currently on our bed. We have a heavy comforter for the winter, but recently we switched to this lighter quilt, because we live on the second floor of a non-air-conditioned apartment, in a place with high humidity.

5 Things I have always wanted to do:

1. Travel to more European countries. I visited France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany during college, but I'd love to see Italy, England, Ireland, and actually, I'd love to visit some of the same places as before, especially Paris. We lost our backpack towards the end of our 3-week trip, and along with the backpack we lost our camera and all the film from the trip (we didn't have digital yet).

2. Live in another country. This will probably be happening in a few short months.

3. Have a healthy baby. Be a mom.

4. Be really disciplined about working out and eating well. I'm always working on that. I have a little problem with self-control, and a soft spot for sweets, and the two often go too closely together. But, I think I've worked out more consistently this past year than I have my whole life (not including being a part of an athletic team), and it's easier to eat better when we're on a tight budget and create weekly meal plans.

5. Become a morning person. I don't know if this will ever be possible, because I am very much a night owl, and married to one. But, I've heard it could happen after I start having kids.

5 Things I'm currently into:

1. Listening to The Swell Season, and the Once Soundtrack (see my previous posts). Usually I can only listen to a CD a few times before I need a break from it, but I really can't get enough. It's always on in the car and/or at home on Repeat.

2. Watching Lost online. I started watching Season 1 of Lost a few months ago. It gives me something to watch on the Internet, since we don't have a TV, and also something to do when Michael is doing lots of reading for school. I'm in the middle of Season 3 right now. The only bad part is that I hear bits and pieces from this season from friends or online, and I know that some of the characters will be dying at some point...and I keep waiting...

3. Scrapbooking. Although, it's been a while since I've done it because I really need to print pictures. But I love it! It's a therapy for me. I got our entire wedding album done after our miscarriage. Like I said, it's therapy.

4. Reading. I'm always going to the local library and checking out multiple books to read. What can I say? I'm a bookworm tried and true. I usually get through a few books each week.

5. Trying to site-see as much as possible on the East Coast. We have been here for 9 months and haven't come close to visiting all the places we want to see. We have less than 3 months left, and are trying to figure out how to fit it all in with our busy schedules.

5 people who need to do this:

1. Bev. I have tagged her before, and I, like Denise, am tired of reading the same entry from almost a year ago!! (And I know you have time-You're on vacation!)

2. Michael. You need to update your blog. Seriously. You have readers and we have nothing to read.

3. Ricker. Because your posts make me laugh, and we need more of them.

4. Tim. Because your last post was in February. And because I've tagged you more than once, too. And I know I'm not alone when I say that I want to know what's in your bag.

5. Sherry. Because I like reading your blog!

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MrsTroyers Blog said...

I love reading your blog...Nice to even see we have a couple things in common..scapbooking/wanting to be a mom and have a healthy baby!
We really should talk sometime!