Thursday, May 08, 2008

Summer is getting so close I can almost taste it!

It's been a crazy few weeks. Today Michael will turn in his last paper for the semester, and has a break until the middle of next week, when Summer Term 1 begins.

I've recently changed my work schedule again so that I can have weekends off (mostly-I still work Sunday evenings). I'm down to three days a week and am really excited about having more time on weekends to hang out with friends and just enjoy our time here. Michael and I are both realizing how fast time has gone-we've been in PA for almost 9 full months-and have not done the kind of site-seeing we've wanted to. We're hoping to take advantage of the last few months, along with the warmer weather, to experience different parts of the East Coast.

We'd like to take a trip to Washington (As in D.C. Out here they simply say "Washington," and if ever there's a reference to the state, it's "Washington State"). We're probably going to a Yankees game (Sorry Ken!) in a couple weeks, which will be fun because they're playing the Mariners, so we can represent for the Northwest. We'll also see "the city" (New York City), as neither of us have been there either. In June we'll be traveling up to New Hampshire for a wedding and hope to see some of the beautiful sites of New England. I really want to go to Boston.

Hopefully with all these plans we'll have some pictures to post. I'm also going to try to post some pictures from the family visits we've had recently. Now that Michael is done with finals I may actually get to use the computer at home to upload pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you misplaced Northwesterners: I've been waiting to read in your blog(s) if you've heard where you'll be going next year?? Maybe I've missed it? Do you know? We're anxious to get to TRFC for another great summer. Leaving HOT Arizona next Monday. Love your blogs. Kathryn