Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're back to Oregon. I almost cried as we pulled through Portland, I was so excited. There's definitely a feeling of being home for us.

A few reasons I'm happy to be back to Oregon:

No humidity!
The Oregon coast...Twin Rocks
Reconnecting with friends and family
Seeing my nieces and nephews
Chapters Coffee...Stumptown!
Free wi-fi everywhere
Newberg Friends Church
Good pizza (especially Papa Murphy's)
Good Mexican food
I'll be working just one job
Time for scrapbooking
Fred Meyer-Oh, how we have missed one stop shopping!
Cost of living is much less than Wayne, PA
Our roommates for the next few months: (I took these pictures in July...April, Hudson, and Caleb...Luke is missing from the pics)

A few things I miss from PA:

White chocolate mochas from The Gryphon (where Michael worked)
Dunkin Donuts Coffee (not the same out here)
Being close to some exciting places
Being close to some of my family

Hmmm...that's all I can think of for now. I'm glad the first list is longer.


Sherry said...

Welcome back! I fully understand your joy.

MrsTroyers Blog said...

Yeah!!! So good to see you guys...glad your home too! :) Hopefully we will get to see you guys at least a few times over the next few months. :)

Neil and Kelsey Cantrall serving with FH in Peru said...

Welcome back you two. Where are you guys staying? We're in Salem so the next time you're in the area let us know! Elliott told me he wants to meet you guys. :)

Bevy said...

Hey Melissa = it was so fun to have the two of you here this week. Thanks for dragging us out of the house to have some fun in the sun.