Monday, September 08, 2008

Road Trip!

Our car the morning we left. The rack is loaded and so is the inside as you can see in the next picture.

Chapman, Kansas near Abilene, hometown of Dwight Eisenhower (for you history buffs). Chapman Creek is right behind this sign also.

Driving into the west means we get to see the sunset.

We've been in Colorado Springs since Thursday.

Pike's Peak
(History Trivia: This is where the inspiration came for the song, "America the Beautiful.")

The famous donuts at the summit.

Isabelle didn't have donuts, but I think she enjoyed her sweet potatoes...

We decided to enjoy the nice weather and go on what we dubbed The Family Walk. We even brought the dogs.

I can't resist taking lots of pictures...Can you blame me?

Uncle Mike Time


Sherry said...

As always, your pictures are GREAT! And you can't post too many pictures of Isabelle, as far as I'm concerned. Traveling mercies!

cherice said...

Aww, we miss you guys out here! But hope you made/make it home OK.