Saturday, September 06, 2008

Driving Home

We're in Colorado Springs, CO. We arrived here late Thursday night after driving for 18 hours to get here from Indianapolis. We're excited to spend time with Tim and Amy, and our niece Isabelle.

Our last week in PA was crazy, as we were trying to pack up our apartment, take our stuff to Amtrak to send it all home to Oregon, sell all of our furniture on craigslist, tie up all the loose ends, and Michael was trying to work on his two online courses for the Fall (Yes, we keep saying he's done with classes, but he actually still has two more online until December). But we made it, and we are happy to be on on our way. Most of our friends from PA had already left, though not all, and it was sad to watch the community we had slowly erode. It is exciting too, to see our friends prepare for their own overseas adventures.

The next few days and weeks and months will be spent processing this last year as well as preparing for our upcoming time abroad. Michael and I are really looking forward to being back in Oregon and using it as a time to reconnect, reflect, and prepare.

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