Sunday, April 08, 2007


This week was the half-way point for the semester. It's flying by!

I graduate in a little over a month.

Michael and I have had a shift in our thinking/plans over the last two weeks. During Spring Break we finally had a chance to talk through our plans and hopes for the next couple years. We realized if Michael is going to go to Grad school, why wait another entire year?

So, we've been spending a lot of time looking into a school in Pennsylvania. Michael enrolled in three online classes (Pre-requisites for school), and turned in his two-weeks notice to one of his jobs on Friday! We are flying to Philadelphia at the end of the month to visit the school, meet with students, and check out the area. I'm hoping to maybe meet with some school districts, or at least get a better understanding of where to look for jobs. Fortunately, my Oregon teaching license transfers to Pennsylvania very nicely, it's mostly a matter of paper work and a fee.

If all goes as planned, we are looking to move to PA at the beginning of August, so Michael can attend Eastern University to earn his M.B.A. in international development. The 15-month program includes the last 3 months in another country.

We decided to take this month to really pray about our future, and have been praying every night. We are continuing to feel a lot of clarity about this, and are really excited to visit the school. We're hoping that will give us a definitive idea if Michael feels good about that school.

Meanwhile, we'll keep praying and see where God is leading...

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Luke said...

Thanks for sharing Melissa ... we will be praying for you .. and are here to listen ... we know a thing or two about life changing decisions