Saturday, April 14, 2007


Last night Michael and I hung out with some friends from college. It was refreshing to spend time with our young married Christian friends. We are blessed with some quality people in our lives.

It was fun for me too because half of us are teachers, so it was fun to talk about our experiences and just know that we're all sort of in the same boat. Three of us are in the job hunt mode as well.

There are definitely things that will be hard to leave from the Northwest, one of the biggest (besides family) is our connections with people that we really enjoy spending time with. Before all this Philadelphia business we were really looking forward to coming North to more of the Portland, Newberg, Tualatin area, since we have a lot of close friends up here.

But, we know that this is a sacrifice that we will have to make. And we will be prepared for that when and if the time comes.

Meanwhile, we plan to continue enjoying our friends and family.

And preparing our hearts for whatever is next.

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